At Dimasq we pride ourselves in using high quality materials and the bases of every suit is the fabric.

We aim to source the best materials for our ranges and for our customers. We use the finest English and Italian fabrics in our Suits, the fabrics come from the finest mills that have decades of experience providing the finest fabrics.

100% Wool - Super 120s

We start with a 100% super 120s Italian wool on our all day wear range,  which is of a high quality and perfect for everyday elegance. Our ENVOY suit is the first in the range to have this material, which has been complemented by our clients.

Research and Development

Thanks to our patrons we don’t just stop here, their support has meant that we are able to start developing our own exclusive line of fabrics for our Limited Edition range. Our Limited Range will hopefully be launched in 2017 exclusively for our members. The fabrics will have more luxury feel with blends of merino and Alpaca wool.

Launching in A/W 2018

Exclusive Fabric Collection

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